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Is there kindness in the world


This should restore your faith in the goodness of humans.

Trump: His Impact on Animal Rights



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Entries for the year 2019


Is there kindness in the world

When the darkness comes, keep an eye on the light - whatever that is for you - no matter how far away it seems.
Jan Berry

Nowadays it feels like there is too much to keep up with in the news. The world it seems has sank into chaos as cruelty and exploitation to human and non human animals abounds. Ecological disaster seems immanent. Everyone seems to hate everyone else, there is contention and strife everywhere. No one seems to have the time or inclination for even the simplest of pleasantries - in short the world seems a very dark place.

It is of course not only the suffering of humans but also animals and the very earth itself. The enormous suffering of billions of living beings - indeed trillions if we count the vast numbers of exploited marine life - killed and abused by humans for food and ultimately profit gives those of us who are sensitive and caring the feeling we are sinking into a mire of despair and hopeless for anything better.

At such times we need to focus on the good that is in the world

There is goodness in the world and there are kind people even though at times it seems that cruelty exploitation and suffering is increasing at an alarming rate.

This is Saskia from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue's You Tube channel

This caring lady and others at Los Angles Guinea Pig Rescue is dedicated to caring for abandoned unwanted guinea pigs as well as giving help and advice to guinea pig owners.

Saskia from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

The Largest Guinea Pig Rescue In the World | Animalism


Here is an example of Saskia caring for a guinea pig at the rescue.

Little Oreo Has Big Problems

"10 month old Peruvian guinea pig cannot eat normally, has stunted growth and is emaciated because of those issues. Saskia looks at her back molars and performs a tooth trim to start training her front incisors to grow in normally. Also watch Saskia's make her own homemade critical syringe food. "


Next is the You Tube channel of Scott who volunteers at the Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue.

Here is one example of Scotties videos: New Foster Boys!

"Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue Volunteer, Scotty got new foster boys after a bit of a foster shuffle!"


As you can see when you view scotts videos he is a very caring person and genuinely loves his guinea pigs and other animals, a sensitive and compassionate person.

Check out Scott's website, Scotties Animals:

Find all Scotty's Animals Social Media in one place, learn more about Scottie and his animals including a page about his foster animals that are available for adoption.  Also Etsy Shop!

Please take the time to watch the videos on both channels an incite into the work of caring and compassionate people who dedicate their time to helping abandoned neglected animals.

Also be sure to check out the website of the LA Guinea Pig Rescue

Meet a grandmother who helps hungry people who cannot afford food for themselves or their children as a result of benefit changes by the Tory government here in the UK. Shirley as a volunteer at the Pecan foodbank in Southwark, South London,

"Come and have a sit down, my love,” says Shirley Ifield, ushering a pale, thin young woman to a chair in a brightly painted room.

“Do you want a cuppa? Help yourself to a mince pie. Now, how are you today?”
“Oh God,” sighs the woman, fighting back tears. “I’m just so, so stressed.”

“I know,” says gran-of-three Shirley, softly. “I understand. But you’ve come to the right place and I’m going to help you.”

Twenty minutes later, the single mum of two is leaving the Pecan foodbank in Southwark, South London, with three carrier bags of groceries, nappies and toiletries.

Read the fill story:

This should restore your faith in the goodness of humans.

“In the path of compassion even if we can save an insect that has a huge impact on the cosmos.”
Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

Who cares about insects - not many people. It has to be said that generally the world seems a very uncaring place and selfishness abounds as money and position seem all that people care about and which are sought after at the expense of other people, other animals and the planet. So it is just so heartwarming to see how this lady cared for this tiny being. I suppose though more people tend to respect and consider bees than say your average insect, such as a beetle for instance or a fly. But even so many people would not go to the lengths of this very compassionate and caring lady.


Bees as a species need your help
Learn more about bees and the threat to their existence and how you can help  them. 

Help Save Bees. Easy Ways to help bees today.

Save the Bees
Be the solution to help protect bees in crisis



Trump: His Impact on Animal Rights

A look at some of the disastrous polices of Trump since his election with regards to animal rights. Not only is he harming humans and the environment, but he is also harming animals.

Trump is a menace not only to human beings but to every being on the planet! He has no respect for any living creature.

Consider the following concerning Trump and his administration's disastrous polices and their effect on wildlife, including removing protections for endangered animals, opening animal habitats for drilling, encouraging trophy hunting and reducing welfare standards for farm animals.

Here is the latest report by environmentalists concerning the damage to wildlife as a consequence of the Mexican wall which will "disturb critical wildlife habitats, block migration routes for animals already stressed by climate change and could possibly lead to extinction for some rare and endangered species...

Read more:

Trump's wall will harm wildlife along the US southern border, say environmental experts

The proposed Mexican wall is therefore detriment to humanity and other species and needs to be abandoned.

Not even butterflies are safe from Trump's border wall

The Trump Administration’s War on Wildlife Should Be a Scandal

"The Trump administration’s policies are leading to wholesale destruction of certain birds and other wildlife. This fact has escaped most public notice amid the broader damage the Cabinet is causing to the environment. Among other measures, regulatory agencies have been working to lift protections on endangered animals, open up vast animal habitats for drilling, encourage more trophy hunting, and repress treatment standards for farm animals."

Continue reading:


Right from the beginning of his presidency Trump has had a detrimental effect on animal rights/animal welfare. For example Trump has made it more difficult to access information about animal abuse, such as puppy mills: Information from the US Department of Agriculture's website from which the information was derived was removed making it more difficult for animal rights groups, journalists, or the ordinary citizen to acquire information about animal abuse.

He has made it legal to import hunting trophies from Zimbabwe.  His enthusiasm to make legal the importation of hunting trophies obviously results from his son's fondness of killing wild animals including elephants.

Trump' despicable sons I am sure are highly delighted regarding his support of trophy hunting:

A US advisory board has been created to help rewrite federal rules concerning the importation of wild animal remains - trophies of African elephants lions and rhinos - is monopolized by said trophy hunters. "Appointees include celebrity hunting guides, representatives from rifle and bow manufacturers and wealthy sportspeople who boast of bagging the coveted Big Five – elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo."  Hardly unbiased.

Donald Trump’s wildlife protection board full of people who like killing animals for fun.

"Review of board members appointed by interior secretary Ryan Zinke indicates they are likely to agree with his position that the best way to protect critically threatened or endangered species is by encouraging wealthy Americans to shoot some of them":

Read More:

In addition the Trump administration has withdrawn an Obama-era rule that would have set new standards for the way animals should be treated if their meat is going to be sold as “certified organic.

The following petition which I hope you will sign, shows but one of his misguided policies in regard to animals.

The Trump Administration Wants to Make It Easier to Kill Baby Bears and Wolves:

The Trump Admin is Quietly Approving Lion Trophy Imports for Big GOP Donors

Thirty-eight severed lion heads have entered the United States as “keepsakes” over the past two years. Despite overwhelming public opposition to trophy hunting, big game hunters have found a complicit ally in the Trump administration, which has been willing to quietly approve requests to bring the corpses of threatened African animals.

Read more:

This video will tell you why this is happening, such as a $5000 donation from the safari club, an organisation that of course supports big game hunting by US citizens


Dr Jones shows you 5 key points that highlight Donald Trump's priorities for the welfare and protection of animals. Dr Jones shows you what you can do to influence some of the decisions to be made.

While he makes some good points I have to say I am not too sure that point five concerning the fact that trump does not have a pet means that he does not care about animals, yes in the case of trump this is likely correct. However many people for a variety of reasons do not own pets including myself - at least at the present time -  and this alone is no indicator that you do not care about animals. There are many reasons why someone may not own a pet, for instance health, financial or you simply do not wish to own another sentient being who should in an ideal world be free to live as nature intended. There are many pet owners who do not care about any animal other than their dog or cat and continue to avidly eat the flesh of other animals, go hunting, fishing and commit all manor of abuse.

The Mexican border wall is not only a detriment to human beings but it is bad news for wild animals

An uninterrupted border wall would be a disaster for wildlife and would “threaten some of the continent’s most biologically diverse regions.” this includes 100 endangered species which would be further threatened with the construction of a wall, through which they cannot pass.

"Animals facing some of the stiffest consequences include bighorn sheep, pumas, bobcats and pygmy owls.

As climate change sends temperatures higher, it’s likely that animals will try to migrate north, particularly in the summer, to avoid the heat. Trapping the animals on one side will limit the amount of space and relief the animals can seek as other parts of the environment become unforgiving.

Ecosystems are both intricate and delicate. As Jamie McCallum, a scientist who has devoted his attention to how border barriers affect wildlife, explained to the Huffington Post, “Once there is a disruption to the complex ecosystem in this way, there is a risk of triggering a cascade of secondary effects."

Continue reading: