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  Pigs Flowers  

I am not sure if my graphics can accurately be described as clip art but the graphics included here may certainly be used for this purpose. I am not a computer graphics expert by any means but you are welcome to use these graphics for clip art if they prove suitable in accordance with these Instructions and conditions of use. 

For a slightly larger imagine click the graphic.


sheep and flowers

White background only gif


Four sheep lost in the snow

White background only gif


Sheep and Lambs in the Snow

White background only gif


Please note while cute sheep cartoons are fun, the reality for sheep in snow and other severe conditions is anything but and many die of exposure. Each year over 4 million sheep die of cold and hunger, pneumonia and exposure. Each year one million lambs die of exposure.

When I showed my son this drawing the first thing he said was "sheep should be in barns during snowy weather". For more information: Sheep Farming