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Article by Luis Leonel


Below is a Google English translation of YouTube description of the video:

"Uruguayan film of the documentary genre that narrates a challenging story from beginning to end and shows how a small country with scarce resources could achieve a great change in the life of animals that were in captivity. Organizations for the rights of animals and authorities carried out this moving struggle, achieving a new beginning for Sol, Luna and Julieta. The film that not only tells the story of the liberation of three animals, but shows the constant struggle of thousands of people who day after day seek to end the abuse and inequality that exists between the different species that inhabit the Earth. Realization: Imagine Contents Address: Nicolás Schwarcbonn Original Idea: Homeless Animals Special Participation: The Wild Animal Sanctuary Direction of Photography: Nicolás Schwarcbonn Edition:

To see the original description in Spanish:

The Uruguayan ANIMALES SIN HOGAR shelter rescued the lionesses Julieta and Luna and the lion Sol from dying in zoo cages of Uruguay.

On October 2014, it sent them to the American WILD ANIMAL SANCTUARY sanctuary.

This movie tells the story.

(The movie of the animals with some English dialogs can be watched from the 40:25 minute.)

For further information and more videos of the lions

The Wild Animal Sanctuary posted information about the lions on October 28, 2014 on its Facebook page which you can see here:

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