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Sentience in Farm Animals   Animal Sentience Stories

To add interest I have interspersed this commentary with thought provoking quotations from philosophers, ethicists, scientists and other notable thinkers both past and present.

This is part of a section called Sentient Rabbits which focuses on aspects of rabbit sentience.




I think there is little doubt that rabbits are playful creatures. The ability to play has to be the most obvious characteristic of sentience.


Here a deer and a rabbit play together

Playful Deer and Rabbitís Heart warming Antics Caught on Camera

In a scene straight out of a classic Disney film, a deer and a rabbit were spotted frolicking through a yard in Estes Park, Colo:


The next video shows

Bunnies play with their new toys!




Playful rabbits chase one another

Bunnies Playing




Clearly these rabbits are enjoying themselves.

Bunnies love to to play, according to the following My House Rabbit article.


Playing with Your Pet Bunny


"Whether itís bowling or fetch, bunnies love to play. As your rabbitís unique personality unfolds, youíll come to find out what sorts of activities your bunny likes best. Here are some games to play with your pet rabbit.

Rabbits enjoy games that cater to their natural tendencies"

Continue reading:

In the following article Games Rabbits Play, the author describes the games he plays with his rabbits, games that remind him of those he once played as a child.


"In the years I have had rabbits (usually only one at a time), I have found a lot of enjoyment from their playing games with me and with each other. These games are often recognizable as games we played when we were children.

One game I found myself playing with my first rabbit was "hide and seek." She would go hide under a bush or something, but as soon as we made eye contact, she would come out. After I did this one time, I went back into the house into the bathroom. Soon the rabbit, who did not usually go into the bathroom, came looking for me. I realized that it had been my "turn" to hide, and she had "found" me."


Please read the complete article:


In the following article the author explains the signs to look for that your rabbit is in a playful mood.

Most rabbits of all ages like to play, at least at times. In fact, rabbits exhibit some of the silliest antics and outright goofiness of any companion animal. They can be mighty wacky beasts.

Rabbits have several ways to indicate playfulness, and there are lots of things most rabbits like to do as play. Rabbits like dancing in pairs and solo (more about the latter later). You may receive an invitation to pair dance, as evidenced by your rabbit running in circles around you. This means the rabbit is basically crazy about you, and terribly happy to see you, and is a very common enthusiastic greeting. 

Continue reading:

Yippie Skippie!

More stories, information, videos, will be added as they come to my attention. If you have a story or information to share about playfulness rabbits please contact me:

Particularly welcome are personal anecdotes about your companion rabbit or any rabbit known to you personally. Don't worry about writing skills or lack thereof, it matters not, what is important is to share as many stories that show that rabbits are sentient beings, intelligent, compassionate, loving, playful and so on. It is important to get people to realise that rabbits are aware, intelligent have emotions including the ability to be playful, happy, contented but that they also experience pain and suffering.

Select other aspects of rabbit sentience.

General intelligence















Emotion in rabbits



Heading Graphic:

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I am not an animal expert of any kind just your average person who loves animals, all animals, and feels deeply about the plight of many of our fellow creatures. Neither am I a writer, or any other expert. Therefore please keep in mind that the information included in this website has been researched to the best of my ability and any misinformation is quite by accident but of course possible.

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